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Three top tips on how to tailor your CV to a job role

  • August 18, 2020

When looking for a job its extremely easy these days to send 10 generic applications to 10 different job adverts. If this is your approach it may be time for a re-think…….

No two jobs are the same, different employers will look for different skills/attributes/characteristics in a potential candidate, even if the job title is the same, we can guarantee each employer will want something slightly different to the next. Therefore it is so important that when applying for jobs you tailor your CV to that specific job role and company! This may seem like a huge task to do but all it takes is a few tweaks, trust us it could make the difference between securing an interview or not!

When searching for jobs you may want to just click “Apply Now” and instantly send across your CV however speed is not your friend when looking for a job, its quality. To help with this we have put together 3 top tips to tailor your CV to a job role:

Top Tip 1- Read the Job Description

Before you even think about applying or tailoring your CV, READ the job description to make sure you are the right fit for the role, don’t just get excited by the job title. You may be the right fit skills wise, but your personality/attitude might not be right. It is important you will fit in to your new company too not just that you can do the role. Read through 2-3 times and really understand the kind of person they are looking for. Use this to then tailor your CV, if they mention any personal attributes, mention them in your CV, if it matches you. A good place to put these are in the personal statement part of your CV.

If you don’t read the job description carefully you might miss an important attribute or requirement. The job description gives you your best chance to tailor your CV, this is one of your best sources of information, so use it wisely! Reading the job description carefully will also help with the next tip.

Top Tip 2- Use Key Words

When writing your CV pack it with as many key words as you can which relate to that job role/industry, job descriptions are full of these so when you are reading through make sure you highlight the key words used and work them into your CV. When employers are reading through your CV they will be able to pick out key points/words that relate to the role. Some employers have software that will scan through CVs for certain words/phrases too, so this is really important. If the job description references a certain skill or qualification you have make sure it is in there! These are the types of things employers will be looking for.

If you find it easier, write the keywords down as you are reading the job description, group them into qualifications, skills, personal attributes etc, so you know which parts of your CV to put them into.

Top Tip 3- Make Every Word Count

When tailoring your CV make sure all the information is relevant towards the job. Employers only want to see relevant information towards their job role. Add value, avoid repetition and be specific. Employers don’t want to be reading through endless amounts of information to get to the part they want to read. Being concise is better than adding volume to ‘bulk out’ your CV! Please make sure you do not cut out too much information though, such as entire job roles and qualifications.