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Questions to ask at the end of your interview

  • June 22, 2020

Questions to ask at the end of your interview

If there is one thing you can rely on in a job interview it is that your potential future employer is going to ask if you have any questions.  When we’re preparing for interviews most of us focus on the best way to answer a potential employers’ questions and forget about preparing questions to ask them. Asking the right questions can help you stand out from the crowd and show your interest and enthusiasm for the role.

So, what are the right questions to ask?  Here are 5 potential questions to consider asking in your next interview…

  1. How would you describe the culture of your company?

By asking this question, not only are you painting a bigger picture of the company for yourself, you are also showing that you want to fit in and form good relationships with your colleagues.  It demonstrates your interest in the people within the business, how it has got to where it is as well as where it is likely to go next. From the recruiter’s response, you'll learn if and how the organisation prioritises employee happiness, of any benefits on offer and what the work-life balance is like.   

  1. What are the opportunities for training and development within the organisation?

Enquiring about development opportunities demonstrates to the interviewer that you're serious about your career and committed to a future with the organisation.

You don't want to be stuck in a dead-end job so if you're unsure of the typical career path for someone in this role, asking this question will help you to assess whether a long-term career with the company is a possibility, or if you'd need to move on to gain further responsibility. This also demonstrates that you recognise the importance of upskilling to drive performance within the business. 

  1. What do you enjoy about your role and working for the company?

Everyone likes to talk about themselves and this gives you an opportunity to build a relationship with the interviewer. This question requires a personal response so you're both connecting with the interviewer as well as obtaining a good insight into the company. And if they stutter or give you a vague response, that could be a sign that they don’t enjoy working there much at all.

  1. What are the most challenging aspects of the job?

This question shows that you understand that the role will have obstacles, but that you are willing to acknowledge them and prepared to tackle them head-on. It will also give you a better overview of the job itself and will be able to help you decide whether it is the role for you or not. Hopefully they will give you an honest answer, every job comes with challenges, so don’t let it put you off. You should be more wary if they fail to mention any challenges as often overcoming obstacles is what makes the job motivating and enjoyable.

  1. Ask a question that shows you have researched the company!

Finally, think about questions that show you have researched the company. Look at their website, news and social media pages to explore what they have been doing. For example, if you see a blog about a charity event you could ask about the company’s relationship with the charity. This shows eagerness and that you have done your research on the organisation.