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Photographs on CVs - Yes or No?

  • June 02, 2016

A candidate recently asked our advice on whether or not they should include a photograph on their CV. This opened up a debate in the Kirkland Associates office, so we decided to share our thoughts...

Opinion here is divided, although for the most part, we are in agreement that photographs are generally a bad idea.

As tempting as it might be to include a picture of you in your best pose, particularly if you are a ‘ten’ in the looks department, everyone has a different opinion of what a ‘good’ picture is, and trust me, we have seen some shockers.

Your photograph is the first thing a recruiter or potential employer will notice and often this will detract attention from the rest of your CV.  Of course, there is also the risk that photographs could be open to discrimination.
If you do feel compelled to go down the picture route, there are some obvious guidelines:

• Professional headshots are generally considered most appropriate.
• If you are using images from your own personal collection, avoid those taken on wild nights out.
• Check the background of your photograph for random photo-bombers!

So, general consensus is that photos on CVs take up valuable space without actually adding any value. Rather than spending time deliberating mood lighting or your ‘best side’, focus your energy on content. Wouldn’t you rather be selected for interviews based on your talent rather than the way you look?